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Our second burger for the new series was eaten at Up the Hill Grill recently. They have an extensive and original selection of about 10 burger creations, served with their famous beer battered fries. I ordered the Black Canyon Mac N Cheese for $13.75. Made with grilled mac & cheese and bacon on the house burger with fixin’s inside.

Beef patty was thick, hot, juicy and cooked well done. The mac & cheese was just the right amount and had great crispy edges.

The bun was white, sponge-like, and toasted. The bun seemed to be fresh and held together very well while eating. Did not get sogged out on the bottom.
The beer battered fries were hot & tasty. Went well with a side of ranch. Probably my favorite fries in town.

A little over half-way through the burger, it dawned on me that there was no discernible bacon. I informed the server, she consulted with the kitchen, and apparently there wasn’t enough, or it was missed. It’s happened before though on our sammiches there. They were apologetic, but bacon is a key component, and would have been nice.

Service was friendly and quick. Didn’t have to wait too long for the food to come out.

Overall on the burger – it was very good. The patty and bun are the stars of the show here. Now, I like mac & cheese, and I like burgers, but the two made together didn’t really do anything special for me. Maybe if it had the bacon the combination would have been more impressive. It was missing that unmistakeable texture and smokey flavor.

Review by Dan Edwards
Published January 2015 at Food Observations
Reprinted here with permission.

Up the Hill Grill Burger

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