About Us

While planning a special event for the Ramona Skatepark Champions, we learned, at that time, that there is no central, all-inclusive, event calendar for Ramona.  Various local organizations each have their own calendars and the Ramona Sentinel, the local paper, publishes all the events for the week, but does not project out for more than a week.  To fill the gap, there are a number of Facebook Groups dedicated to local businesses and organizations for publishing local specials and events – but these don’t publish in a searchable calendar format.

Recognizing the need for our community to do a better job of promoting local events and businesses, the idea for www.ramonaevents.com was born.  Here residents and tourists, alike, can find a searchable calendar of events for Ramona, along with lists and maps and reviews of local restaurants, wineries and other attractions. If you find yourself in Ramona with nothing to do, then you just aren’t looking hard enough.

Let us help you find something fun or interesting to discover here in beautiful Ramona! 

Have a suggestion for this site?  Contact us!  We’d love to hear from you, because Ramona is the friendliest little town in San Diego!

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