Bikers Enjoy a Ride Through Ramona

Both Highway 67 and Highway 78 are beautiful scenic highways favored by bikers and motorcycle clubs for ages.  Not as well known, but equally beautiful and interesting a ride are Highland Valley Road and Old Julian Road.  No ride through Ramona is complete without a stop at one of your favorite local bars to quench your thirst!

Found this great Go-Pro YouTube video of Dragon Rider and his club “Riding Through Downtown Ramona CA to the Turkey Inn.” Looks like it was a beautiful day with light traffic. They nearly hit every light green. If they hadn’t been stopped by a red light at 10th Street, I might have called bull$#!+

This is dated way back in the “Good Olde Days” of Ramona when The Way Point Saloon, the bar on the corner of 12th and Main, was called Molly Malones (June of 2014.)   Remember those days?  What are your favorite rides or stops in or around Ramona?

Looking for a great bar or club to stop on your ride?


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