Pepe's Tacos

Recently for breakfast I had the pleasure of trying Pepe’s Tacos for the first time. Tucked just inside Pepe’s Produce, this place is the real deal! I ordered two tacos al pastor. Would you believe these are only $1.25 each?? They were excellent! Exceeded my expectations.

You basically get the meat on torts and dress it up as you see fit with a variety of self-serve salsas, onions, cilantro and whatnot. Menu is very small and basic. Mainly just inexpensive, tasty tacos. I think you can get a quesadilla and maybe menudo.

Pepe’s is on the north side of Main St, just east of San Vicente/78. It’s in a building many know as the old Pizza Hut. It still retains some of the recognizable architectural features of a classic Pizza Hut restaurant. It’s been through a few paint jobs though, some drawing more community ire than others. It’s now a subdued tan.

Review by Dan Edwards
First published at Food Observations
Republished here with permission.

Pepe's Tacos

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Posted by Dan Edwards

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