Los Rancheros Taco Shop

The next Ramona taco shop we tried on our carne asada burrito challenge was Los Rancheros. Back in the day this was actually a Rally’s. You might be able to tell from the architecture. This turned out to be our favorite carne asada burrito in town for a variety of reasons. We also had the carne chips which were tasty.

The only thing is, this place has no normal seating or a dining area. It’s just outdoors concrete blocks and tables. I’m not a fan of al fresco dining, especially in windy or hot conditions. We ate this at the local micro brewery down the street (editor note: ChuckAlek Independent Brewers.) Best of both worlds!

Review by Dan Edwards
Published September 2014 at Food Observations
Republished here with permission.

Los Rancheros Carne Asada BurritoLos Rancheros Carne Asada Chips

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