Milagro Farms

Each year, nearly 3,000 cases of San Diego wine are produced here, nearly all from estate grown fruit. Over 10,000 vines of Bordeaux, Northern Italian, and California style grapes are planted on property and make Milagro the largest vineyard and winery in Ramona Valley and the third largest in San Diego County.

Sustainability is a key feature of Milagro Farm Vineyards & Winery and is all too important in this drought prone region of Southern California. According to winemaker, Jim Hart, “If you’re talking about a crop that fits in this climate, in this semi-arid climate that we live in, wine grapes are the perfect crop. They don’t take a lot of manipulation of the soil, they don’t take a lot of herbicides or invasive chemicals to farm, and they don’t use a lot of water.” At our winery, often only mulch and benign sulfur are used to protect the vines from mildew.

Because the greater Ramona Valley is fairly undeveloped there is a persistent issue with wild birds (most notably turkeys) and animals eating grapes off the vines. One of the unique regional features of Ramona vineyards is the omnipresent netting like that used at Milagro Farm Vineyards & Winery as the vines grow heavy with grapes in the summer. The netting is an example of sustainable farming practices that allow us to live in harmony with the wild birds, deer, squirrels and rabbits that are daily visitors to the vineyards.

The current winery and all of its equipment were designed by winemaker Jim Hart, who has also overseen all of the vineyard plantings since 2006. The winery is outfitted with four 2,150 stainless steel tanks for white wine production, and an ever-growing number of oak barrels for red wine and some chardonnay production. At least 50% new premium oak barrels are used for every lot of red wine.

All wines are made onsite in our temperature controlled winery building. Wines are fined if needed to remove any suspended particles that occur naturally but that can also create a cloudiness and astringency in some wines. All wines are filtered prior to bottling, which also happens on site at the winery.


Milagro Farm Vineyards and Winery
18750 Littlepage Lane
United States

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