Kohill Vineyard & Winery

17211 Highlander Dr, Ramona, CA 92065

Escape to a place as delicious to the eyes as to the palate, Kohill Vineyard and Winery.  Our intimate tasting room hosts a magnificent collection of boutique vintages to be enjoyed at our charming wine bar or outdoor patio overlooking Ramona’s majestic Valley of the Sun and Eight acres of lush plant life and vineyard.  Just forty minutes north of San Diego, Kohill is a stunning, destination winery that warms the heart and inspires the senses.

​Ramona Valley is an approved American Viticultural Area (AVA) and is developing into a destination of boutique and micro-wineries, most of which are under 1,000 cases per year.  San Diego once had a thriving wine industry before prohibition, the wineries that survived those years were joined by many others post prohibition, but declined once more during World War II.  By 1964 there were only two remaining wineries in San Diego, however, the San Diego wine industry was not ready to give up and is once again in an upsurge with Ramona leading the way with its 29 bonded wineries.  Keep your eye on San Diego and Ramona’s new wine region, our weather and soil is ideal for growing high quality grapes and producing award winning wines! If you would like more information about Ramona’s wine industry, please visit the Ramona Valley Vineyard Association at www.ramonavalleyvineyards.org,

Our estate grapes
Bordeaux varietals

Estate Cabernet Sauvignon (cab-air-nay so-vin-yawn):  The finest Cabernet Sauvignon are grown in the Medoc and Graves regions. In 2003, we planted 458 vines of Cabernet Sauvignon.

Estate Sauvignon Blanc (so’-veen-yawn blawn): as a Parent of Cabernet Sauvignon and an Excellent white wine grape, Sauvignon Blanc is grown in many regions of France.  In Bordeaux it is used along with Semillon to produce fine dry white wines.  in 2005, we planted 240 vines of Sauvignon Blanc.

Estate Semillon (say-me-yawn): Semillion is genetically very close to Sauvignon Blanc.  It is a fine white grape grown in the Bordeaux region and in many other parts of the world.  It is one of the few varietals susceptible to the noble mold and is thus ideally suited to the making of luscious sweet wines. In 2005, we planted 115 vines of Semillion.

Estate Petit Verdot (puh-tee’ vair-doe’): Red grape variety grown in the Bordeaux region of France.  Usually used in blends with Cabernet Sauvignon varieties.  Petit Verdot is potentially one of the finest of all red Bordeaux varieties. In 2014, we planted 100 vines of Petit Verdot.

Piemonte varietals

Estate Barbera (bar-bear’-ah): Grown in the wine region of north western Italy, at the foot of the Italian alps.  Barbera wines tend to be on the acidic side but this goes away with some aging. In 2005, we planted 301 vines of Barbera.

Estate Refosco (ray-foss-co): Grown in the northern region of Italy.  Little-known, wines from Refosco are very delicious, they are well balanced and flavorful, and capable of improvement with some bottle age. In 2005, we planted 310 vines of Refosco.


Kohill Vineyard & Winery
17211 Highlander Drive
United States

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