All our products are handmade by small artisan shops in the Guadalajara area of Jalisco Mexico. For centuries, families have passed down the traditions of pottery making, glass blowing, Jewelry making, forged iron works, pewter and tin works. Vibrant colors, elegant design, and quality are all hallmarks of Mexican crafts found in this region. We travel to Mexico often to find local artisan factories; most are family owned and operated that take great pride in their respected crafts, we hand pick the most beautiful and elegant items and import to our modest little store in Ramona, California. Our goal is to bring together under one roof a unique collection of beautiful and distinctive handmade home décor products, furniture, and jewelry only found in Mexico.


Casa Rustica
316 Main Street
United States

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Posted by Tracy Engel

Tracy is a long-time Ramona resident, local businessowner and volunteer, active in service work to benefit the community of Ramona and her professional community. Most notably in Ramona, Tracy is active with the Ramona Skatepark Champions. Please help build a skatepark in Ramona by donating at