november, 2023

tue07nov5:30 pmtue7:00 pmBible Study: The Midianites5:30 pm - 7:00 pm First Congregational Church of Ramona, 404 Eighth Street Ramona CA 92065

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The Midianites were a group of people who appear in the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) and play a significant role in several biblical stories. But who were they? Why were they depicted as enemies to the Israelites? Why did the Israelites treat them so harshly?

In this Bible study with John Stevenson, we will explore the biblical role of the midianites and from our exploration, we’ll gain important insight into how to negotiate ethical and historical challenges in the bible. The Midianites in the Hebrew Bible are a complex and enigmatic group that pose challenges to biblical interpretation due to questions surrounding their identity, moral implications of the narratives involving them, historical evidence, and varying interpretations of their role in the biblical narrative. These challenges have been the subject of scholarly debate and theological discussion for centuries.

One of the most controversial aspects of the biblical account involving the Midianites is the episode of the “Midianite War” or the “War against Midian” found in Numbers 31. In this story, God commands the Israelites to wage war against the Midianites, leading to the killing of many Midianites, including women and children. How can this story be reconciled with the idea of a loving and just God?

There is limited archaeological evidence to support the existence of the Midianite people as described in the biblical texts in the first place. This lack of historical evidence raises questions about the accuracy of the biblical accounts and whether they should be understood as historical records or as religious and mythological narratives.

The role of the Midianites in the biblical narrative can be interpreted in various ways. Some see them as symbolic representations of moral or theological concepts, while others view them as historical enemies of the Israelites. The ambiguity and variety of interpretations make it challenging to arrive at a single, definitive understanding of the Midianites’ significance in the Bible.

We will be led through these challenges together by the knowledgeable John Stevenson.

Come join us and tackle these and other challenges together so that you can deepen your biblical understanding and contend with your own doubts and theological questions. All are welcome!


(Tuesday) 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm


First Congregational Church of Ramona

404 Eighth Street Ramona CA 92065