Coyote Hazing

Coyotes in Ramona may behave more brazenly around their human neighbors in times of scarcity.  When you spot coyotes threatening your pets or property, your correct response is to “get big” and be loud and aggressive.

“Hazing” is an effective method to retrain Coyotes who have adapted to human presence.  The key is to commit.  If the animal backs off a bit, then turns to sit and watch, then you continue your hazing until the animal leaves the area, entirely.

This post, by the Humane Society, gives clear guidelines on how to safely perform this technique.

Coyote HazingMy favorite part is that it gives me permission to walk with (and use) an air-horn….bwahahahaha!   Many thanks to the Ramona Community Forum on Facebook where I caught this conversation and to “someone” who posted this link.  It is not uncommon to see FB conversations about the Coyotes and the great personal losses that families suffer when they lose a loved pet.

Ramona is on the edge of civilization, so learning how to live alongside wildlife, some of which are hungry after your pets and poultry, is par for the course.  If you keep chickens, an air-horn should be required equipment at your property.  If you keep animals or poultry outside, keep your fences tall and periodically check your perimeters. Keep your cats inside, if you can, especially at night. When you walk, keep your dogs on a leash and be noisy.  That’s good advice for rattlesnakes, too.

Train your pets to avoid wildlife.  There’s a class this weekend for rattlesnake avoidance training that should be mandatory for dog owners new to Ramona.

Enjoy the beautiful scenery provided by Ramona’s natural surroundings, and also learn how to coexist.






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