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Thai Time

What time is it? It’s Thai Time!

Excellent dinner tonight. Sampled one of their fried rice dishes. They have about 6 styles to choose from – I ordered the Spicy Fried Rice. It’s made with stir fried rice, egg, garlic, basil, bell pepper, onion and chili. It’s prepared with your choice of meat/combo/vegetarian. I chose “combo” style which includes shrimp, chicken, pork and beef. Kind of house special style. The cost driver is the meat choice. My combo style costs $12.95. Most others are less, and there’s a seafood option for $13.95.

It was all very tasty and the presentation is always elegant and refined. Service was good. Everyone was very cute, friendly, etc., even the owner lady. They seemed genuinely happy to have you visit. The place was abundantly decorated in a somewhat tacky fashion, just how I like it.

Great visit, can’t wait to go back… Next time my wife goes out of town…

Review by Dan Edwards
First published at Food Observations
Republished here with permission.

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