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Frosted Faces – Helping Senior Pets live their lives happily


We save senior animals who are abandoned in shelters whose most certain fate would otherwise be euthanasia. Seniors are often deemed less adoptable and are the first to be put to sleep when the shelter needs more space to accommodate incoming animals.

Our goal is to rescue and improve the lives of as many senior animals as our resources allow.  We always need Families to open up their homes to provide end of life care for our Frosted Faces.

We offer financial assistance to owners whose senior pets unexpectedly become ill or develop chronic conditions that require long term medication, and treat pre-existing conditions of newly adopted senior animals within the first 60 days of adoption.

Frosted Friends is a program in place to board the public’s senior dogs in their absence.  Donations for this service directly benefit our Frosted Faces.



Donations to Frosted Faces Foundation

Frosted Faces Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non profit corporation governed by the laws of the State of California.  Our employer identification number is 47-1274069.

We are completely funded by donations, grants and fundraisers. We do not have adoption fees, as our primary goal is to place and support our Frosted Faces with Families who welcome otherwise “unadoptable” dogs and are dedicated to fulfilling our promise.

Donate via PayPal or Credit Card:


Checks may be sent to:
Frosted Faces Foundation
864 Grand Avenue, Mailbox #333
San Diego, CA 92109

Please check with your company’s human resources department to see if your company offers a matching donation program.

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