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We had an outstanding dinner recently at Ramona Valley Grill. It seems like there’s been some confusion, or conflicting reports on RVG’s operating status. I’m pleased to report that everything is business as usual. I’m not into all the minutiae of the ownership/management scenario, I just know it’s a unique Ramona business that we love having in our neighborhood.

I opted for the salad bar buffet this evening. Greens were green (not brown), fresh and abundant. Even had my favorite tuna pasta salad. The blue cheese dressing was excellent. Thick, rich and just the right amount of blue cheese chunks.

The hot food bar had all the good stuff on deck. In lieu of chicken wings tonight was a flavorful chicken fajitas dish. I also crafted my usual nachos with seasoned ground beef, cheese and a tasty salsa fresca.

First time I’ve tried the chicken noodle soup. I was impressed. Wide noodles, with big chunks of tender chicken in a savory broth that tasted homemade. It was like a warm hug on a drizzly night.

Best part of this evening though was the service. We experienced a sweet and genuine warmth that made us feel like family. Looking forward to going back soon.

Review by Dan Edwards
Published July 2015 at Food Observations
Reprinted here with permission

Ramona Valley Grill Salad Bar

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Posted by Dan Edwards

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